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Faux Marble Tiles

Kategorie Produkt Faux Marble Tiles, jesteśmy wyspecjalizowani producenci z Chin, Faux Marble Tiles Granite Effect Tiles dostawcy / fabryki, hurt wysokiej jakości produkty Faux Granite Tiles R & D i produkcji, mamy doskonały serwis po sprzedaży i wsparcia technicznego. Czekamy na współpracę!

Chiny Faux Marble Tiles Dostawcy

Faux marble tile introduction
Imitation marble tiles is the study of the world's top natural stone color,  texture and texture, the use of original full-color HD overprint, color Liang Guang Rou thrown and melting factor and other technologies, the 1250 degrees Celsius temperature calcined, Imitation marble tile with natural texture.
Marble pattern tiles okay
The ink-jet printing technology, also called "faux marble tile", is rich in color and vivid patterns. The texture of ceramic tile is natural, fresh, glossy, and almost indistinguishable from natural marble.
When used in the decoration of the ground, wall natural marble and faux granite tiles with visual effects is not only more natural, the purchase and maintenance costs will be reduced.granite effect tiles.
Because of the existence of expensive natural marble, and the existence of radioactive contamination, obvious color, high maintenance costs and other shortcomings, and the other many consumers are daunting. However, faux carrara marble porcelain tile with natural stone real texture, but compared with the natural marble has a high brightness, low permeability water, no radiation, etc., more suitable for use in indoor public space. "For example, the choice of natural marble bathroom soon oxidation discoloration, imitation stone tiles not only relatively cheap, but also easy to take care of."
Imitation marble brick not only applies to the hotel lobby, bar KTV, coffee shop, also applies to luxury villa kitchen, bathroom and other indoor public space.